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18 January 2009

Best Malaysia FD Rates

Best Malaysia FD Rates

Over the coming months, we shall update you, our dear readers, on the various interest rates offered for fixed deposits (FD) in Malaysia. Whenever there are promotions, we shall endeavour to update you on the best Malaysia FD Rates as soon as possible.

We have no direct financial links with any bank or financial institution in Malaysia, except as an individual banking customer like you. We are doing what everyone does: to obtain information on FD Rates in Malaysia and comparing the best interest rates. We take it a step further by publishing the Malaysia FD Rates information on the world wide web in an easy-to-read blog.

Before you get too excited about what a wonderful free service on Malaysia FD Rates this is, we must share with you this piece of information as best as we can.

We disclaim all liabilities for acts of omission or commission. You read and use the information presented in Malaysia Fixed Deposits at your own risk. You are advised to seek the best professional financial advice for your own protection. Malaysia Fixed Deposits (FD) rates may change without notice. If a zero in the Malaysia FD Rates quote is in the wrong place, don't blame us if you lose money in fixed deposits!

If you are still interested to know more about the best Malaysia FD Rates in Malaysia, to learn where to best earn an extra dollar or two for your hard-earned ringgit, to learn how best to maximize interest earnings and much more, book mark our Malaysia FD Rates blog now!

Earn more ringgit on the best Malaysia FD Rates now!

Thank you for reading Malaysia Fixed Deposits. We will do our best to serve you best!