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27 February 2009

UOB FD, Cash Assure Promotions

UOB FD, Cash Assure Promotions

With the latest FD and Cash Assure Plus Promotions from UOB (Malaysia) Berhad, banking depositors can get up to 8% yearly return, higher FD interest rate plus insurance coverage. An extra 1% interest rate on bank customers' Ringgit Malaysia fixed deposit accounts of up to 3-month tenures is also on offer.

At current fixed deposit (FD) deposit interest rates, this financial investment in an FD would yield 3.5% per annum on a 3-month UOB fixed deposit (FD) savings account.

To qualify for the UOB (Malaysia) Cash Assure Plus Promotion and get all the fixed deposit (FD) goodies, you need to sign up for their Cash Assure insurance package that offers 8% cash return with insurance coverage. Many terms and conditions can be found in the fine print of this special UOB FD, Cash Assure Promotions. Promotion ends on 31 March 2009. This may change without any notice.

Readers of Malaysia Fixed Deposits should consult their own financial advisors for independent financial investment advice. Ensure that your own financial investment objectives and needs are in line with these fixed deposits (FD) promotions before making any investment decisions based on what you read here.

If you think this promotion fits your investment profile, check out their website: UOB (M) Berhad

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