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10 March 2009

Bank Islam Wadiah Savings Accounts

Bank Islam Wadiah Savings Accounts

Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad's Wadiah Savings Accounts are facilities to save your money. This Bank Islam Wadiah savings accounts is based on Wadiah contract. For safekeeping, easy access and withdrawal of money, these Wadiah savings accounts are the ones to go for.

What features are there in Bank Islam's Wadiah Savings Accounts? You need a minimum opening of RM10.00, with a minimum balance of RM1.00 to keep this Wadiah savings account.

The Bank Islam Wadiah Savings Accounts are open to everyone from age 12.

Bank Islam's Wadiah savings accounts come in several personal types: individual account (12 and older), entrust account (trust for kids below 12 years old) and joint account (two individuals)

The contract on Bank Islam Wadiah savings account is based on Wadiah.

Benefits of Bank Islam Wadiah Savings Account are:
-Token (hibah) given monthly at Bank’s discretion
-Free Savings Passbook
-Bankcard Facilities
-Salary Crediting & Sweeping Facility
-Standing Instruction Facility
-Zakat (tithes) on the savings paid by the Bank
-and others facilities.

The profit rate for Bank Islam Wadiah Savings Account is 0.5%.

If you need more information on Bank Islam Wadiah Savings Accounts, check with Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad.

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