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05 March 2009

Citibank Malaysia Deposits Interest Rates

Citibank Malaysia Deposits Interest Rates

These are the fixed deposits interest rates of Citibank Malaysia. The interest rates quoted here apply only to deposts of less than one milion ringgit for investing. If you plan to deposit more than these sum, call Citibank Malaysia to speak to a relationship manager.

Up to today, the best FD rate for Citibank deposit is 2.5% per annum for an investment of twelve months.

At the same time, we present the savings deposits account rates for Citibank Malaysia. The interest rate is 0.10% for 5K and less. It is 0.50% for deposits between 5K and 100K ringgit. Above 100K, Citibank Malaysia offers 1.00%.

For Hi-Save account, you can get 2.6% (subject to change) for deposits above 1 million ringgit.

Thank you for reading Malaysia Fixed Deposits, for the latest and best fixed deposits rates to earn money in Malaysia.