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18 March 2009

OCBC Bank FD Rates

OCBC Bank FD Rates

Malaysia Fixed Deposits bring you the latest OCBC Bank (Malaysia) Fixed Deposit (FD) rates.

Image: OCBC Bank FD Rates

The highest FD rate by OCBC Bank is their 12-month OCBC FD rate. It is currently standing at 2.5% per annum. The FD rates by OCBC bank Malaysia is pretty low at 2.0% for tenures less than one year. FD rates for tenures above one year are even lower at 1.8% per annum.

Do not confuse the FD rates in OCBC Malaysia and OCBC Singapore. Get more investment mileage out of your cash and money investments by choosing the correct FD rate and tenure that best suits your financial needs.

This OCBC Bank FD Rates update may change without prior notice.

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