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11 May 2009

EONCAP Islamic Bank Rates

EONCAP Islamic Bank Rates

Here are the Eoncap Islamic bank rates from Eoncap Islamic Bank (Malaysia).

Image: EONCAP Islamic Bank Rates 1

Image: EONCAP Islamic Bank Rates 2

Image: EONCAP Islamic Bank Rates 3

These are EONCAP Islamic Bank rates. The Islamic banking accounts include Al-Wadiah Saving Account-i Tier rates, Al-Mudharabah Savings Account-i, An-Nisa' Saving Account-i Tier rates, Ar-Rushd Current Account, Al-Wadiah Current Account (WK) company, Al-Fareed Mudharabah Current-i Account Tier rates and Al-Mudharabah Investment Accounts.

Financial investors looking at these Eoncap Islamic bank rates should check with your own financial advisors before investing. Bank rates given are for information only. EONcap Islamic products rates may change without notice.

EONCAP Islamic Bank Rates are brought to you by Malaysia Fixed Deposits, where we bring you the latest and best Malaysia Fixed Deposits and other financial product interest rates.