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29 June 2009

Al Rajhi Savings Account


The latest information provided today by Malaysia Fixed Deposits pertains to Al Rajhi savings account-i of Al Rajhi Bank (Malaysia).

Al Rajhi savings account-i minimum sum to open an account is RM20.

There is no Service Fee to use the Al Rajhi savings account-i.

Depositors with dormant Al Rajhi savings account-i will be sent an advice advising customer to re-activate account. If you have balances up to RM10, dormant account will be closed and the balance absorbed by the Bank as fee income.

If you have balances greater than RM10 in Al Rajhi savings account-i, an annual service of RM10 will be charged until the remaining account balances are transferred to Unclaimed Monies.

There is no activation fee for dormant Al Rajhi savings account-i.

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