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01 August 2009

RHB Bank Fixed Deposit Rates

RHB Bank Fixed Deposit Rates (Malaysia)

The current best RHB Bank fixed deposit rates (Malaysia) are presented this day in July 2009 by Malaysia Fixed Deposits.

These RHB Bank fixed deposit rates are Tier One RHB Bank fixed deposit rates. Investors should kindly note that RHB bank fixed deposit FD rates may alter at the discretion of the bank.

Before you invest based on your personal finance consideration, note that these RHB Bank fixed deposit rates are subject to change without notice even after publication.

RHB Bank FD Ordinary - Tier 1
Tenure | Rate (%)
1 MONTH 2.00
2 MONTHS 2.00
3 MONTHS 2.00
4 MONTHS 2.00
5 MONTHS 2.00
6 MONTHS 2.00
7 MONTHS 2.00
8 MONTHS 2.00
9 MONTHS 2.00
10 MONTHS 2.00
11 MONTHS 2.00
12 MONTHS 2.50
13 - 60 MONTHS 2.00

The best and highest fixed deposit rate by RHB Bank Malaysia currently stands at 2.5% per annum for 12 months fixed deposits tenure.

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