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06 October 2009

Maybank Savings Account Rate

Maybank Savings Account Rate

Malaysia Fixed Deposits highlight Maybank Savings Account-i rates for your interest this October 2009.

Interest rates quoted today are for information. It is not to be used for investing cash, investing money or other financial investments purpose.

To re-confirm the Maybank savings account rates with the banks staff before any investment is recommended and prudent.

Maybank Savings Account Rate=
Dividend rate:
0.20 - 1.30% p.a.

Maybank Savings Account Rate Minimum deposit:
RM1 (Trust/Minor/Student accounts/Accounts for settling monthly instalments)
RM250 (Adults)

Maybank Savings Account is a Shariah-compliant savings account based on the "Al-Wadiah Yad Dhamanah" (safe custody) principle.

Maybank Savings Account Rate is subject to change without notice.

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