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01 September 2009

EON Bank Monthly Savings Account Rates

EON Bank Monthly Savings Account Rates Malaysia

EON Bank Monthly Savings account rates (Malaysia) are for information as presented by Malaysia Fixed Deposits blogspot this September 2009.

EON Bank Monthly Savings Account rates are indicative and should not be used for investing cash in financial investments without verification with banks in Malaysia.

EON Bank Monthly Savings Account Rates:
SaveMonthly Account (base interest) | Savings Account Rates (p.a.)
RM 0 – RM 5,000 0.25%
RM 5,001 – RM 10,000 0.30%
RM10,001 – RM20,000 0.60%
RM 20,001 - RM50,000 0.80%
Above RM50,000 1.25%

The EON bank monthly savings account maintains the same interest rates as Basic Savings Account in Malaysia this August / September 2009.

Savings plan rate (interest earned on top of base interest) | Amount Rates (p.a.)
RM100 to RM500 0.20%
RM510 to RM1,000 0.40%
RM1,010 above 0.60%

EON Bank monthly savings account interest is calculated daily and credited monthly.

Investing customers must be aged 18 years and above. For investors / customers below the age of 18 years, the monthly savings account may be opened jointly with a parent or guardian who is above the age of 18 years. Malaysian Citizens or PR of Malaysia can apply as well as foreigners with a valid working permit or have resided in Malaysia for a minimum of 182 days.

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