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20 December 2009

2.7% Malaysia Fixed Deposit Rates Promotion

2.7% Malaysia Fixed Deposit Rates

Want to grab 2.7% p.a. on interest earned in Malaysia Fixed Deposit Rates? Here's some details on this 2.7% Malaysia Fixed Deposit Rates Promotion from EON Bank Malaysia.

Here's the gist of EON bank fixed deposit rates promotion of 2.7% per annum:

When it comes to our FD Mad Grab promotions, earning more is totally up to you. The faster you act, the more you will earn. It’s that simple!

Enjoy up to 2.7%* p.a. for 12-month Fixed Deposits

Enjoy special rates for 5- to 9-month Fixed Deposits

Receive an additional 0.1% to your rates if you are 50 years & above

Every new and existing Individual, Corporate and Islamic Banking customer has an equal opportunity to enjoy this limited time offer. Why wait and earn less when you can act now and earn more?

Hurry, your chance to lock in these promotional rates ends 27 December 2009!
Deposit today before the best rates float away!

# Terms & Conditions

* Indicative rate for General Investment Account-i. Rates are subject to change, kindly refer to your nearest branch for the latest rates.

Note: Minimum deposit amount of RM10,000 and above for Individuals and RM50,000 and above for Corporate customers. Maximum FD placement for Corporate is RM10 million in total throughout the campaign period.

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