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24 December 2009

AmBank Top Rate Specials

AmBank top rate specials (Malaysia)

We look at the Malaysia AmBank Top Rate Specials today.

Get bank interest rates as high as 3.60% on 48 months fixed deposit account. For 6 month tenures, get 2.50% per annum interest rates on this Ambank Bank Top Rate Specials promotion.

*Terms and Conditions apply to Ambank Top Rate special promotions.

Terms and Conditions

1-The minimum placement to be eligible for the promotion is RM5,000

2-The new Top Rate FD Specials are applicable to new funds from existing or new depositors. ( New funds are defined as cash and/or cheques from other banks which is in addition to the existing credit balances from customers total balances in AmBank Savings, Current and Fixed Deposit amount. Funds from the existing FD/GIA maturity does not constitute new Funds.

3-However the for maturity of customer existing FD/GIA, customer can participate in the promotion with additional placement of RM5,000 in addition to the total maturity amount is deposited back into the FD placement.

4-Upon maturity of the FD, the interest rate will revert to the prevailing board rate.

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