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02 January 2011

2011 Malaysia Deposit Rates

2011 Malaysia Deposit Rates

In this post on Janauary 2011 at Malaysia Fixed Deposits we bring you some of the latest selected 2011 Malaysia deposit rates.

These selected 2011 Malaysia deposit rates are obtained from banks in Malaysia with the fixed deposit interest rates of their various bank FD accounts.

You may use the 2011 Malaysia deposit rates for personal use but not for investment purposes.

These highlighted 2011 Malaysia deposit rates are subject to change without notice.

Readers should be mindly about Malaysia deposit rate revisions and thus verify the Malaysia deposit rates with the respective banking counter staff.

Feel free to browse these selected Malaysia deposit rates listed on our Malaysia Fixed Deposits blogspot site.

In due course, we shall update you on more 2011 Malaysia deposit rates for your personal interest.

Thanks for your interest in Malaysia Fixed Deposits.


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