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02 February 2011

HSBC Time Deposit Rates

HSBC Time Deposit Rates (Malaysia)

Welcome to Malaysia Fixed Deposits.

In this Malayisa Fixed Deposit post, we present HSBC Time Deposit Rates.

Readers should note that HSBC Time Deposit Rates (Malaysia) published on Malaysia Fixed Deposits are taken from financial products that are meant for information purpose only.

Before using these HSBC Time Deposit Ratesfor personal investments like investing cash or investing money in shares, stocks, unit trusts or other financial investments, you are advised to confirm these finance products including fixed term deposit rates with bank concerned.

HSBC Time Deposit Rates may change at any time with no advance notice. By the time you read them today, these various fixed deposit rates may not apply.

Here are the HSBC Time Deposit Rates (Malaysia):

HSBC Time Deposit Rates (Malaysia)

Tenure (Month) | Interest Rate (% p.a.)
1* -2= 2.55
3 -11= 2.70
12= 2.85
13 – 23= 2.90
24 – 35= 3.00
36 – 47= 3.10
48 – 60= 3.20

Minimum deposit of RM5,000 for one (1) month tenure

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