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01 August 2012

CIMB Foreign Currency Fixed Deposit

Malaysia Fixed Deposits: CIMB Foreign Currency Fixed Deposit

Welcome to 2012 and Malaysia Fixed Deposits. We present details of CIMB Foreign Currency Fixed Deposit.

CIMB Foreign Currency Fixed Deposit Details:

Features and Benefits:

Available in specific conversions as follows:
US Dollar (USD);
Sterling Pound (GBP);
Australian Dollar (AUD) ;
New Zealand dollar (NZD);
Singapore Dollar (SGD);
Hong Kong Dollar (HKD);
Japan Yen (JPY);
Chinese Yuan Renminbi (CNH));
Swiss Francs (CHF);
Canadian Dollar (CAD)

Deposits and withdrawals will only be through foreign telegraphic transfers, cheques, demand drafts or transfers from / to Ringgit Account.

No receipt will be issued.

Terms and conditions apply.

Thanks for your interest in Malaysia Fixed Deposits.


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