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20 August 2012

Interest Rates RHB Bank Malaysia

Malaysia Fixed Deposits: Interest Rates RHB Bank Malaysia

Welcome to 2012 and Malaysia Fixed Deposits. We present details of Interest Rates RHB Bank Malaysia.

Malaysia Fixed Deposits site provides independent reviews of financial products taken from banks and financial institutions in Malaysia. Interest rates information is meant to be used for personal information.

Prior to using these Malaysia fixed deposit rates for investments like investing cash or investing money in shares, stocks, unit trusts or other financial investments, kindly confirm these finance investment products including fixed term deposit rates with bank(s) concerned.

2012 Malaysia fixed deposit interest rates and savings deposit account interest rates are subject to change without notice. Banks reserve the right to alter these rates without assigning any reason.

Check out the 2012 Malaysia Interest Rates RHB Bank Malaysia:

Interest Rates RHB Bank Malaysia

MaxSave Account:

Up to 10,000* 0.60%
Up to 20,000 0.80%
Up to 50,000 1.20%
Up to 100,000 1.71%
Above 100,000 2.01%

No interest is paid on the first RM1,000

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